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Donated troops should NOT be able to DEFEND BASES!!!

I think that troops being donated to help kingdom members attack is a great idea, but they should NOT be able to help that village DEFEND because it is NOT FAIR!! I just had my entire army wiped out by 2 wizards before I could attack a single building!!!

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    sir crapalotsir crapalot shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Prince SomPrince Som commented  · 

        Hahaha...poor guy...but it's really a bad suggestion

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        bad suggestion. This is one of the best feature of the game. You need to learn how to distract them.

      • dr cycodr cyco commented  · 

        draw and kill them

      • marcus maximus the semarcus maximus the se commented  · 

        can you see if someone has donated troops before you commit to attacking

      • Chieftan WallaceChieftan Wallace commented  · 

        I quit after last onslaught of 2 wizards taking out 140 of my knights

      • Smokin budzSmokin budz commented  · 

        u guys fail..... pull troops outa town and kill them before u attack .....i wish evreyone had common sense then i wouldnt be in a world full of idiots

      • Boss PaytonBoss Payton commented  · 

        Yes!!!!! I just had the same problem!!!!! PLEASE!!! Somebody please review this comment!

      • NergalNergal commented  · 

        kingdom troops aare the only hopes for low level players

      • EricEric commented  · 

        Haha, learn how to draw out the troops and take them out dummy!

      • President ReagenPresident Reagen commented  · 

        sucks to b u. all troops should be able to defend. adds a big surprise to players attacking a weaker opponent.

      • Good wordGood word commented  · 

        The dragon ignores troops firing at it. I think the dragon should defend itself against troops.

      • tyreltyrel commented  · 

        If you get wiped out by kingdom troops then u are obviously arent very good at this game.

      • mudflapmudflap commented  · 

        wrong. you just need better troops so upgrade. you may lose some troops but at tge same time you can have the same defence on your kingdom.

      • amramr commented  · 

        It's better this way

      • Chicken RapChicken Rap commented  · 

        defenders is a good idea. you should be able to assign some army to defend, but the commitment is or 24 hours at a time or something. but just make AI better to attack defending units if they come close

      • Brad LangBrad Lang commented  · 

        Attacking troops used to completely ignore defending troops and get slaughtered, but troops with 'any' target have for quite a while gone after nearby defending troops. Keep some knights and archers around for this purpose. Also, don't just deploy all of your troops at once. Deploy a couple near the castle to check if there are any troops inside, then lure them out into a field without any towers nearby and finish them off.

      • Chief bumbaChief bumba commented  · 

        I don't mind if the kingdom troops can help defend but why do my troops ignore them and not fight them back when they attack my troops

      • RICHARDRICHARD commented  · 

        i have some issues with this as well, 20 lvl 4 brutes being wiped out by 2 wizards in a second, seems a little bit unbalanced

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