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Welcome to the Greed for Glory Feedback Forums where you can leave feedback, suggest new ideas, and report bugs!

If you are experiencing an issue that is related to your account specifically such as a payment issue or frequent crashing, please report the issue through the in-game help.
For more info check out the FAQ: Contact Support

If you are interested in looking at how different things work within the game like war matchmaking, Diamond issues, or you want to see what changed with the new update, head over to our FAQ Section.

If you have ideas, feedback, or want to report bugs, the best place to do it is here on the Feedback Forums. Make sure to read these rules before posting! Uservoice Rules
  • If you see an idea that has been posted by another user and it is the same issue or suggestion that you would like to submit, please tap the "vote" button next to the idea and comment on it. Thanks! The more votes and comments one topic has the more likely we are going to take a look at it.
You can also find more information about Greed for Glory by visiting the Greed for Glory Wikia!

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