Update 7.0 Notes

Town Center Level cap has been increased to Level 15
  • Elder Magicks Booster required to unlock Town Center Level 15

New Unit: Warlock 
  • Warlocks will use their telekinetic magic to block the most devastating towers from harming your troops
  • Defensive Structures that can be blocked: Wizard Spire, Wizard Rockets, Trebuchet, Ice Catapult
  • Requirements: Town Center Level 15, Barracks Level 17

Silence Tower: New defensive building that disables special abilities with splash magic 
  • Vampires will not turn into bats upon death
  • Golem earthquake will not trigger
  • Phantoms are unable to go invisible after they are revealed and hit by the Silence Tower (The Silence Tower does not reveal Phantoms)
  • Fire Demon's fireball will not ripple through walls
  • Druid's constricting vines will not prevent defensive buildings from functioning
  • Requirements: 1st Silence Tower unlocked at Town Center level 13, 2nd Silence Tower unlocked at Town Center level 15

Other Changes:
  • Martyrs now target Wizard Spires instead of Wizard Rockets
  • Fire demons cost less supply
  • Dragons movement speed increased
  • Ice Catapult levels have been corrected 

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